Trade Show Ideas – Be Inspired By A Trade Show Magician

You booked your stand last year. Many of the same team have joined. Flights paid, hotels, food and per-diems. Long days under fluorescent lights. Weeks or months of planning by you and your team. Only one thing left… attract the visitors. If you could invest 10% of the cost of your trade show to double your return on investment… would you do it? The right trade show magician with the right trade show ideas can help you achieve just that.

In a world where concentration is a scarce resource, a proven method of how to channel it is priceless. In today’s business environment you must be original in your approach. Giving away pens, candy and key chains is great but will never make you stand out. Hiring a magician can. Hiring a mentalist and mind-reader absolutely will! Alex has decades experience in corporate sales (finance and technology) himself so understands your business and your needs. He is never pushy or heavy handed and understands that a little bit of intrigue is much more powerful. That said, he will go into the aisles and engage with the attendees and he will single-handedly build a crowd at your trade show stand.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Alex is so confident in his sales experience (20 years international corporate), entertainment skills (one of Europe’s leading mentalists) and trade show chops that he offers not just a full money-back guarantee, but will not even charge until you are 100% satisfied that he has delivered on the agreed goals.

Having trade show magician Alex Blackwood on your team is like having Clark Kent working at your newspaper – every moment is guaranteed to be interesting and the the job always gets done, exceeding expectations. He will conult in advance to provide new and interesting trade show ideas and will commit to:

  • Build a crowd
  • Educate the crowd on your product
  • Build opportunities into his presentation for your team to increase conversions
  • Define in advance measurable goals on which his success and your satisfaction guarantee are measured (e.g. traffic, email addresses, scanned badges, meetings booked etc)