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Alex Blackwood has sat through lunch pretending to be a digital agency’s new Lithuanian colleague just moved to Sweden! After an hour, 3 courses and fun conversation he has then surprised the table of 20 people by performing subtle but shocking magic, only to then literally remove his Clark Kent sunglasses and reveal his true identity and secret!

We have consulted for feature films, helped Vice president’s saw their personal assistants in half, helped the CEO read minds of his 500 executives, created new ways to ask her (or him) to marry you and much much more. Whatever you have in mind, if it requires creative thinking, a little bit (or a lot) of showmanship we can help.


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Our sole business is delivering top entertainment at corporate gatherings, trade shows and private celebrations. Book the entertainer with decades of corporate experience and one of Europe's leading mentalists. We specialise in international audiences and can offer:

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