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Amsterdam Magician
When FujiFilm launched a new medical device to their customers, partners and resellers, they needed to make a complex concept simple and memorable. This is no ordinary device, but a high-frequency ultrasound product that allows medical professionals to see inside the human body. So their marketing team began to research who could explain this. Of course they themselves had plenty of technical expertise to explain the finer details, but how to communicate it’s core functionality in a simple, memorable and fun way?
Amsterdam Magician

When the FujiFilm marketing manager contacted Alex Blackwood we immediately knew we had a match. During the consultation phase, Alex arranged several calls with the marketing team to understand the high level technical aspects and the real world applications of the products. It was also important to Alex who the audience would be for the product launch. Communicating to investors, engineers or the public all require different approaches. In this case it was industry partners, mainly technical and engineers. People familiar with the testing cycle. So Alex made a two-fold proposal:

  1. Amaze the audience with a mentalism performance while at the same time communicating the core concept of the product – what it does and how it does it better than anything else on the market
  2. Bake a powerful psychological technique known as (visual) anchoring into the presentation. This resulted in an everyday industry icon (the humble mouse), the feeling of wonder and this medical device becoming permanently associated forever in the minds of the audience

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Amsterdam Magician

The finale of the evening’s entertainment consisted of a performance piece where two of FujiFilm’s clients joined Alex on stage. Through suggestion and intuition they were able to understand and “see” what was inside a locked box… to their own and their colleagues’ amazement!

Finally we took a toy plush mouse that we had specially designed and made (for giveaways to take home) and created a stunning moment where the plush mouse movements were magically repeated by the volunteers on stage. When the toy mouse’s front leg was raised in the air, the volunteers hands raised in the air on the other side of the room. This was repeated 8 times to increasing gasps from the audience and from the volunteers themselves. Every person in that audience… whenever they see a mouse… will associate it with an evening of amazement and the FujiFilm ultrasound product that can allow you to see what is otherwise hidden. The proof? In repeated events for the same client, guests still talk about the mouse and device. That’s tangible communications ROI… Mission accomplished!

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"Thanks Alex. It was a pleasure to have you with us.
Everybody was surprised, impressed and very happy"

Daniel Grieder

Global CEO, Tommy Hilfiger

"We engaged Alex to make our (medical device) product launch memorable and he performed a very entertaining show highlighting our product features and benefits. Customers were amazed and Alex brought fun and happiness in our scientific event, a great job."

Laurence Raysigguier

Marketing Manager, FujiFilm

"We had a great offsite with Alex’s talk as a key part. I was really impressed with Alex’s preparation and attention to detail, it made all of us feel special and that we had a bespoke performance."

Emma Moloney

General Counsel, Endemol Shine

"Alex engages the audience and that what is great about him. We did a corporate dinner event with Mind Craft by Alex and it is still one of the best reviews we have received for any event. Definitely recommended."

Yash Asher

Lead Marketing Manager, Zycus