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Product launch Ideas
We specialise in taking complex concepts… and communicating them in easy-to-understand ways. Recently we were approached by FujiFilm launching a new medical ultrasound device. Complex? Yes! The solution? We created a hilarious 5 minute routine where two volunteers could “see” inside a closed box and tell what was in there. This approach was 100% effective at communicating the complex function of a high-tech machine in an entertaining and engaging way. You deserve product launch ideas as original and innovative as the product itself. Leave the powerpoint slides where they belong and let’s discuss how to breathe life into your presentation.

The CEO of Tommy Hilfiger wanted to demonstrate his company’s ability to forecast trends and understand their consumers’ thinking through market segmentation. Complex? Yes. The solution? With our help the CEO predicted the future and read the minds of 500 executives live on stage! In a few minutes he demonstrated his and his company’s industry leadership. What story would you like to tell?

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In a world where concentration is a scarce resource, a better understanding of how to channel it is priceless

Product launch Ideas
Alex Blackwood has a background in corporate sales, finance and entrepreneurship. He is an eternal student of human psychology. He and the team at Blackwood Magic are experts in capturing and directing the attention of an audience. With that attention, we can tell your story in the most innovative way possible. Product launch ideas have never been so fresh and so fun.

We specialise in consulting with marketing and communications teams in organisations to understand the core essence of your product and what differentiates it. Then we polish that into a bright shining diamond to be presented at a glittering product launch.