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Amsterdam Magician
Zycus is recognised by Forrester as an industry leader and sits in Gartner’s “magic quadrant” for strategic sourcing applications until at least 2017. It should come as no surprise that a successful company in the magic quadrant should reach out to another industry leader in the magic space. That’s what happened when Zycus contacted Blackwood Magic to assist them with their procurement software marketing activities.

Zycus planned an event during which they assembled CPOs (Chief Procurement Officers) of Fortune 500 companies for dinner and entertainment. The focus was on enjoyment with a small element of “soft sales” to introduce the Zycus suite of software products. Therefore they needed a subtle yet effective way to communicate their message, a gentle pull rather than a hard push. During the  consultation phase with Zycus Vice President of Marketing, Alex Blackwood learned about the products, the sales cycle and the audience for the presentation.

The Perfect Blend of Psychology, Magic and Marketing

Amsterdam Magician
Alex adapted his one hour show to incorporate two customised routines. Together with the VP Marketing they coordinated a holistic communication approach with a streamlined message that ran from the magic performance through to relevant printed material handed to the guests immediately after the performance, all tied together with a take-home gift that would further crystalise the key points in the minds of the audience.

In short, the show ended with all 120 guests each receiving a pack of cards. These were a complimentary gift and of course were branded for Zycus. The guests were asked to each pick one random card from their deck. Of course, each card was different… what else could happen? However when asked to again pick a random card, each of the guests at the same time in their own hands picked the 10 of Diamonds from a shuffled deck of cards! This moment of 120 people experiencing an impossible coincidence at the same time can not be underestimated. Once the stunned silence and following applause died down, Alex smoothly handed over to the VP Marketing who immediately asked them to open the envelope at their table. It contained a giant custom-printed 10 of Diamonds card, listing Zycus 10 key product features for the CPO audience.

Our goal was that anytime any of the guests saw a 10 of Diamonds (or any card) again in their lives, they would recall that moment when 120 people each chose the 10 of Diamonds… and would associate that sense of awe with the Zycus brand. Would you remember that moment?

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"Thanks Alex. It was a pleasure to have you with us.
Everybody was surprised, impressed and very happy"

Daniel Grieder

Global CEO, Tommy Hilfiger

"We engaged Alex to make our (medical device) product launch memorable and he performed a very entertaining show highlighting our product features and benefits. Customers were amazed and Alex brought fun and happiness in our scientific event, a great job."

Laurence Raysigguier

Marketing Manager, FujiFilm

"We had a great offsite with Alex’s talk as a key part. I was really impressed with Alex’s preparation and attention to detail, it made all of us feel special and that we had a bespoke performance."

Emma Moloney

General Counsel, Endemol Shine

"Alex engages the audience and that what is great about him. We did a corporate dinner event with Mind Craft by Alex and it is still one of the best reviews we have received for any event. Definitely recommended."

Yash Asher

Lead Marketing Manager, Zycus