Mind Craft™ Personality Type:

Red Fixer

Fixer is an action taker. She rolls up her sleeves and gets involved one way or another. Her energy is attractive and she is well-liked. She is often extremely resourceful, though often simply her energy and spirit make it look that way! Either way she draws people in, leads, inspires and finds solutions.

She does not dwell on mistakes and focuses on the task at hand. People are drawn to her, yet some feel intimidated or jealous. Fixer can often have an inflated ego, though not always. Fixer has a dire need for action, change and challenge as well as the company of others.

Communication style - Input: forthright, to the point, solution orientated, collaborative, not complex. Output: direct, non-complex, authoritative. Will respond fight fire with fire and does not take kindly to attack or direct challenge.

How to get the most from Fixer: Be supportive, be aware that fixer needs to fix and act as a willing companion to help her achieve that. A straightforward thinker, fixer is open to suggestion and can be subtly coaxed and steered to your way of thinking if you are viewed as a supporter. A gentle whisper achieves much more than a direct order.

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