Mind Craft™ Personality Type:

Purple Empath

Empath is a very sensitive person with a unique talent for placing herself in others shoes. She has an incredibly strong sense of justice, yet does not think in terms of absolute right and wrong. Rather she has over-arching beliefs that she can adjust to individual situations. She is often complimented on her compassion and ideals.

She notices everything but aims not to judge. She listens more than she speaks, yet has very clear opinions and input when asked or on the rare occasions she chooses to share them. Empath shies away from aggressive people and situations with the exception of where she feels injustice is carried out against the weak or defenceless. A lifelong learner, Empath always seeks to better herself and be the best she can be.

Communication styles – Input: Soft, suggestive, probing, non-confrontational. Output: Empath reacts well to open questions, questions about feelings and invitations to collaborate. In NLP she would be a kinaesthetic. Empath reacts poorly to absolutes, yes/no, aggression and opinions without basis. To get the most from Empath you should aim to inspire, collaborate and show your weak side.

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