Mind Craft™ Personality Type:

Green Zagger

Zagger is a rebellious and creative, very often the catalyst in a team who will challenge and inspire. Zagger often finds solutions where others give up, but is also unmerciful in criticism when she feels the wrong path has been taken. She is lighthearted, does not take life seriously, yet she has a very deep side and is  easily offended.

Zagger is honest, sometimes to a fault. She forms strong opinions and does not suffer fools lightly. She sees herself as a beacon of honesty and an upholder of standards - fairness and justice but also of more artistic virtues like creativity and progress. Sometimes doubtful on the inside, she is always positive and encouraging on the outside. She moves between multiple worlds, always invited into eclectic circles, varied teams and social strata.

Communication styles - Input: Opinionated, challenging, abrupt, charming. Be prepared to be confronted. Outputs: Argumentative, playful, belligerent if challenged. To get the most from Zagger, you should be frivolous and witty to charm her. At any point you can switch to dominant and aggressive and, unused to direct challenge, Zagger will usually yield to authority if you are assertive enough.

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