Mind Craft™ Personality Type:

Brown Dreamer

Dreamer is, as described, a deep thinker and very imaginative. She observes others, observes herself observing and observes as a subjective observer from the universe. She will look at every angle of a situation and imagine every outcome. On her own she finds it difficult to take action and will over-analyse forever. However this analysis is proves invaluable if handled correctly.

Dreamer needs time alone, however desperately needs the company at other times. Dreamer often speaks in third person and refers to things that may happen rather than place herself in the scenario or speak in terms of absolutes. Dreamer is like Empath in her hunger for knowledge and perspective and new information. However does not have the clear opinions of Empath. Dreamer sees and accepts the multitude of opinions that she imagines.

Communication styles - Inputs: Dreamer will provide background, context, lots of details and scenarios, though rarely with strong views. Outputs: Agreement often with qualification. "Yes, however don't forget that...". Rarely challenging or definite. How to get the most from Dreamer: Compliment on her insight, place it on a pedestal, that she has a gift to see other's perspective. Be authoritative and forceful to win her over

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