What Is The Online Mind Craft™ Experience?

It is unlike anything you have ever seen and is guaranteed to amaze and delight

Alex Blackwood is an expert on the science of persuasion and influence and a “mind reader”. No… he is not psychic. But through study of psychology, NLP, personality and influence he does makes it look that way. He delivers a dynamic talk on the key points of influence from the masters like Cialdini, Dubner and Levitt. But then reinforces it with demonstrations of what looks like mind reading. It is 100% interactive and guaranteed to deliver nothing short of a mindblowing experience for everybody on the call… whether 5 people or 500 on a webinar.

Now more than ever, we need to create amazing shared experiences that connect virtual teams and clients. If we could surprise our people, put a smile on their faces, fire their imaginations and ignite their creativity then surely now is the time to do it.

A fully interactive experience that transports your meeting guests to a world of limitless possibilities.

Why Would We Do This?

If keeping staff motivated, clients delighted or your whole ecosytem connected are important to your business, then the Mind Craft™ experience could help. Or if you believe that communication – whether internal or external – should be engaging, inspiring and unique, we may also have something in common.

Mind Craft™ is grounded in the real – the science of psychology, personality and influence. Yet it transports us to a world of limitless possibilities. It appeals to an educated modern audience. It inspires and amazes. Best of all, the keynote presentation can be customised to you, your organisation and the key messages you want to “stick”.

Initiatives and events that could benefit:

– All hands calls
– Sales kick-offs
– Product launches
– Change initiatives

Alex Blackwood inspires, amazes and brings a little sunshine to your call.

Premium Virtual Workplace

How to keep a premium workplace experience while working remotely?

High-end coffee machines, long client lunches and premium perks are out of reach and unavailable as we sit on Zoom calls looking at our colleague’s basements or living rooms, listening to children giggle, laugh or scream! There are still ways to set ourselves apart from the competition. We can make our online calls more engaging than the average call. We can make calls dynamic, vibrant and aligned with our company culture.

Alex Blackwood brings the sunshine from Ibiza to your call while delivering a unique and totally unexpected experience.

How To Book The Mind Craft™ Keynote

The Process Is Simple

Choose the package you want, the date, time, make payment and receive a confirmation all within a few clicks. Want a bespoke package? No problem, tell us your requirements and we will send you a custom proposal to review and approve.

Just hit the Get Started button and take the first step towards putting a smile on everybody’s face :)


Unleash Mind Craft™

If your staff believed deep down that anything was possible, how would that affect their performance and your bottom line? If they came to work every day supercharged with the belief that they could change the world, what would they achieve?
The MindCraft™ keynote is designed to create exactly these feelings. It is peppered with interactive exercises and amazing live demonstrations, making it equally engaging and informative. Your team will not only visualise achieving the impossible… they will help to create it live during the keynote.
Alex demonstrates live the hidden power of non-verbal communication, how to use body language to read thoughts and how to apply NASA’s psychology profiling to predict exactly what people will do.

There are concrete takeaways during and after the keynote. Alex provides in-depth resources that your team can explore to get the edge and develop their own Mind Craft™.


"Thanks Alex. It was a pleasure to have you with us.
Everybody was surprised, impressed and very happy"

Daniel Grieder

Global CEO, Tommy Hilfiger

"We engaged Alex to make our (medical device) product launch memorable and he performed a very entertaining show highlighting our product features and benefits. Customers were amazed and Alex brought fun and happiness in our scientific event, a great job."

Laurence Raysigguier

Marketing Manager, FujiFilm

"We had a great offsite with Alex’s talk as a key part. I was really impressed with Alex’s preparation and attention to detail, it made all of us feel special and that we had a bespoke performance."

Emma Moloney

General Counsel, Endemol Shine

"Alex engages the audience and that what is great about him. We did a corporate dinner event with Mind Craft by Alex and it is still one of the best reviews we have received for any event. Definitely recommended."

Yash Asher

Lead Marketing Manager, Zycus

Experience Is Key

Alex’s corporate career includes management roles at multinationals like Royal Dutch Shell, Deutsche Telecom where he managed international teams as well as founding a telecomms company. He continues his entrepreneurial ventures today next to his speaking and entertainment career.

Alex brings real-world experience and his key to success in speaking is being able to immediately “fit” and relate to his corporate audiences, which are primarily major technology, banking and retail organisations.