Mind Reading Robot

Mind Reading Robot – Emotional Intelligence Meets Artificial Intelligence

Innovation and originality drive Alex Blackwood. With over 20 years experience in technology startups, corporate IT management for and one of the world’s leading mentalists, he combined these skills to create a groundbreaking and unique presentation – the mind reading robot.

Imagine a robot running artificial intelligence that can speak to an audience, choose volunteers and tell them immediately what is inside their heads. It is an awe-inspiring, entertaining and thought-provoking presentation that your staff, customers and guests will never forget.

Explore The Possibilities

Alex is in demand as a corporate keynote speaker and entertainer. Based between Amsterdam & Ibiza, Alex travels globally as a keynote speaker. Alex is passionate about technology, AI, human potential and growth mindset.
Alex’s corporate career includes 10 years in corporate management for multinationals such as Deutsche Telecom and Royal Dutch Shell.
Prior to this he worked in venture capital before founding and exiting a telecommunications business. Along with the real-world experience he brings, Alex’s key to success in speaking is innovation and delivering his clients’ message in the most interesting and memorable way possible.