Mind Craft™ Personality Type:

Blue Planner

Planner is a high-performer when it comes to organisation and details. She wants to take responsibility and places personal equity in her delivery. She is always welcome in any team dealing with a complex task. She is detail oriented, thinks logically and communicates clearly. What she lacks in emotions she makes up for in clarity. Thriving on structure, Planner needs a framework to fit into, know her place in it and to have the opportunity to improve the plan... and be acknowledge for it.

Communication styles - Input: Precise, deterministic, black & white, dates, times, absolutes. Output: Planner reacts well to clear questions with precise answers. Soft, fuzzy skills or discussions leave her cold. She likes facts, data and absolutes. To get the most out of Planner you should represent yourself as a no-nonsense, what you see is what you get person. Ask clear questions, give crisp direction and leave nothing vague or to chance.

Mind Craft™ Personality Type:

Purple Empath

Empath is a very sensitive person with a unique talent for placing herself in others shoes. She has an incredibly strong sense of justice, yet does not think in terms of absolute right and wrong. Rather she has over-arching beliefs that she can adjust to individual situations. She is often complimented on her compassion and ideals.

She notices everything but aims not to judge. She listens more than she speaks, yet has very clear opinions and input when asked or on the rare occasions she chooses to share them. Empath shies away from aggressive people and situations with the exception of where she feels injustice is carried out against the weak or defenceless. A lifelong learner, Empath always seeks to better herself and be the best she can be.

Communication styles - Input: Soft, suggestive, probing, non-confrontational. Output: Empath reacts well to open questions, questions about feelings and invitations to collaborate. In NLP she would be a kinaesthetic. Empath reacts poorly to absolutes, yes/no, aggression and opinions without basis. To get the most from Empath you should aim to inspire, collaborate and show your weak side.

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Mind Craft™ Personality Type:

Black Connector

Connector is a the center of the party, the glue that holds things together. Not because they have big ego (though they often do) but because they genuinely care about other people... and care about how other people perceive them. They always seem to be in the right place at the right time and invited to the right meetings and parties. Connector has what is often referred to as high EQ (emotional quotient).

Similar to Empath but far more gregarious and forceful, Connector does not just observe other's feelings but actively adjusts to them in the moment to make everybody feel better. She brings harmony to difficult situations and unites people. Connector makes a formidable leader depending on her secondary characteristics, yet is often happy being a high performing team player. That said, she always needs to be recognized as an achiever.

Communication styles - Input: Warm, personal, physical, touches, often enters other peoples personal space physically and emotionally because she has a talent to do it well. Output: Thick skinned, laughs things off, makes light of negative feelings like fear and aggression to a point. If pushed will explode and counter any attack on herself or allies. To get the most from Connector you should aim to flatter her sense of leadership and popularity, act in a compassionate way towards those around her, provide strong social proof of your high standing in community. Connector is very susceptible to the law of reciprocity.

Mind Craft™ Personality Type:

Green Zagger

Zagger is a rebellious and creative, very often the catalyst in a team who will challenge and inspire. Zagger often finds solutions where others give up, but is also unmerciful in criticism when she feels the wrong path has been taken. She is lighthearted, does not take life seriously, yet she has a very deep side and is  easily offended.

Zagger is honest, sometimes to a fault. She forms strong opinions and does not suffer fools lightly. She sees herself as a beacon of honesty and an upholder of standards - fairness and justice but also of more artistic virtues like creativity and progress. Sometimes doubtful on the inside, she is always positive and encouraging on the outside. She moves between multiple worlds, always invited into eclectic circles, varied teams and social strata.

Communication styles - Input: Opinionated, challenging, abrupt, charming. Be prepared to be confronted. Outputs: Argumentative, playful, belligerent if challenged. To get the most from Zagger, you should be frivolous and witty to charm her. At any point you can switch to dominant and aggressive and, unused to direct challenge, Zagger will usually yield to authority if you are assertive enough.

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Mind Craft™ Personality Type:

Brown Dreamer

Dreamer is, as described, a deep thinker and very imaginative. She observes others, observes herself observing and observes as a subjective observer from the universe. She will look at every angle of a situation and imagine every outcome. On her own she finds it difficult to take action and will over-analyse forever. However this analysis is proves invaluable if handled correctly.

Dreamer needs time alone, however desperately needs the company at other times. Dreamer often speaks in third person and refers to things that may happen rather than place herself in the scenario or speak in terms of absolutes. Dreamer is like Empath in her hunger for knowledge and perspective and new information. However does not have the clear opinions of Empath. Dreamer sees and accepts the multitude of opinions that she imagines.

Communication styles - Inputs: Dreamer will provide background, context, lots of details and scenarios, though rarely with strong views. Outputs: Agreement often with qualification. "Yes, however don't forget that...". Rarely challenging or definite. How to get the most from Dreamer: Compliment on her insight, place it on a pedestal, that she has a gift to see other's perspective. Be authoritative and forceful to win her over

Mind Craft™ Personality Type:

Red Fixer

Fixer is an action taker. She rolls up her sleeves and gets involved one way or another. Her energy is attractive and she is well-liked. She is often extremely resourceful, though often simply her energy and spirit make it look that way! Either way she draws people in, leads, inspires and finds solutions.

She does not dwell on mistakes and focuses on the task at hand. People are drawn to her, yet some feel intimidated or jealous. Fixer can often have an inflated ego, though not always. Fixer has a dire need for action, change and challenge as well as the company of others.

Communication style - Input: forthright, to the point, solution orientated, collaborative, not complex. Output: direct, non-complex, authoritative. Will respond fight fire with fire and does not take kindly to attack or direct challenge.

How to get the most from Fixer: Be supportive, be aware that fixer needs to fix and act as a willing companion to help her achieve that. A straightforward thinker, fixer is open to suggestion and can be subtly coaxed and steered to your way of thinking if you are viewed as a supporter. A gentle whisper achieves much more than a direct order.