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Magician The Hague

Amsterdam Magician

The Hague is the headquarters of some of the world’s largest companies and international organisations. These international bodies and embassies look to the Hague magician Alex Blackwood to entertain or speak at their events. For instance, companies like KPN, Aegon and Shell. As a result, he performs at the city’s leading locations like theĀ Het Spaansche Hof, The Atrium / Stadhuis Den Haag, luxury hotels like Hotel Des Indes as well as international embassies.

Alex Blackwood comes from Ireland, has lived in Asia and USA. However, the Netherlands his been his base for almost 20 years. Specialising in a cerebrally dazzling form of magic known as mentalism, Alex’s performances are hugely popular with international business audiences…. primarily because Alex uses “mind hacks” and psychological techniques to achieve what seems impossible.

For maximum entertainment, Alex even explains many of the techniques he uses in interactive and very funny routines. When not entertaining, Alex delivers sales and leadership training to innovative companies, using entertainment to ensure the important messages land, stick and are remembered.

Magician the Hague – Why Choose Alex?

Amsterdam Magician

A magician in the Hague… and particular the mentalist… can help you set your international event apart. If you want a professional that:
– Delights discerning audiences
– Performs modern 21st century entertainment
– Speaks flawless English
– Has intimate local knowledge
– Is himself a world traveler, can relate to your international guests

…. then Alex can help your event stand out and be remembered forever.

Drop us an email to see if we have a fit. And of course for pricing!

Who Is Magician The Hague – Alex Blackwood?

Amsterdam Magician

Communication, technology, psychology… these are the things Alex loves.
Unlike almost every other magician, Alex did not spend his life learning card tricks. He enjoyed a happy childhood in Ireland and a successful international business career in Europe, Asia and USA before getting the magic bug in his 30s! In fact it was his love of business, technology and psychology that ignited his love of magic and in particular mentalism. Mentalism is the use of psychological techniques and “mind hacks” to read what other people are thinking. Or to influence how they will act. therefore, if you are having an event in the Hague, Alex is the perfect magician to entertain. His style is hugely appealing to a sophisticated audience. No rabbits, no top hats, no cheap jokes. Alex uses modern themes and engaging presentations to create wonderful magical experiences that cross cultural divides and create lifelong memories.

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Our sole business is delivering top entertainment at corporate gatherings, trade shows and private celebrations. Book the entertainer with decades of corporate experience and one of Europe’s leading mentalists. We specialise in international audiences and can offer:

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  • Guaranteed satisfaction or money back
  • Access to musical directors, art directors, event planners as necessary
  • An amazing show

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