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A Mentalism Stage Show For The Sophisticated Modern Audience

Magical Stage Show

Our stunning magical stage show will inspire your guests to question what is possible and break through limitations. Perfect for the modern business audience, our corporate mentalist show can support the kind of open thinking that empowers your guests to take on new challenges. Alex’s warm and engaging character puts the audience at ease, while they witness the impossible taking place before their eyes. Audiences leave uplifted, inspired with a deep-down feeling that anything is achievable with the right attitude.

Our magical stage show is specifically designed to be easily customised. That means it can highlight certain products, features or organisational goals of your company, seamlessly woven into a hugely entertaining show. Neuroscientific studies have proven that experiencing magic and mentalism creates an effect in the brain known as a pattern interrupt. This puts the viewer in a highly receptive mental state, meaning your message will be understood faster and remembered longer.

Scientific studies aside, we frequently meet people that talk about tiny details of our shows from years ago. That’s proof enough for us!

Mentalism Stage Show

Magical Stage Show

The mentalism stage show is perfect for audiences of 100 people upwards. The typical duration ranges from 20 minutes to 1 hour of non-stop entertainment featuring music and visuals to enhance the stunning on-stage illusions. It is best performed after dinner with a minimum of distraction. That said, it is specially designed to be modular and can be performed in 10-15 minute segments between dinner courses or during a fully scheduled awards ceremony. Alex frequently acts as host for such ceremonies and performs his full show in between presenting awards, introducing CEO/executive speakers, running raffles and celebrating your staff.

Your audience will marvel and gasp as Alex demonstrates a range of experiences they may previously only have heard whispered about in academic journals or outlandish films. Using psychological influence, social compliance, non-verbal communication and other tools, Alex will simulate for your guests the effects of telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis and even a Jedi mind meld! Alex wears a tailored suit instead of a sparkly cloak and claims no supernatural powers… but he will have your guests googling the existence of the supernatural!

Some of the world’s largest companies and global leaders have engaged us to entertain their people and the reason will quickly become evident when you experience the magical stage show from Alex Blackwood.


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