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A Mentalism Stage Show For The Sophisticated Modern Audience

Magical Stage Show

The Mind Craftâ„¢ stage show will amaze, inspire and leave you flabbergasted. It simply looks like mind reading.

Alex’s unique brand of mentalism is perfect for modern audiences. His warm and engaging character is the ideal compliment to the mindblowing effects he effortlessly creates before audiences from 5 to 5,000 people or more. Almost all of his acts are rooted in modern psychology but the presentations are inspired by cult and pop culture giving a vibrant contemporary twist to what appear to be supernatural achievements.

Explore The Possibilities

Mentalism Stage Show

Magical Stage Show

The mentalism stage show can be performed “parlour” style with no setup or stage infrastructure for audiences of 10 or more. With a stage, it is perfect for audiences of 100 people upwards. Expect non-stop entertainment featuring music and visuals to enhance the stunning on-stage action. It is best performed after dinner with a minimum of distraction and runs for 45 to 90 minutes, depending on your requirements.

Because it is specially designed to be modular, it can be performed in 10-15 minute segments between dinner courses or during a fully scheduled awards ceremony. Alex frequently acts as host for such ceremonies and performs his full show in between presenting awards, introducing CEO/executive speakers, running raffles and celebrating your staff.

A Show Like No Other

Magical Stage Show

Your audience will marvel and gasp as Alex demonstrates a range of experiences they may previously only have heard whispered about in academic journals or movies. Using psychological influence, social compliance, non-verbal communication and other tools, Alex will simulate for your guests the effects of telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis and even a Jedi mind meld! Alex claims no supernatural powers… but he will have your guests googling the existence of the supernatural!

Some of the world’s largest companies and global leaders have enjoyed the Mind Craft experience and the reason will quickly become evident when you witness this magical stage show for yourself.