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One of Europe’s Most Unique Corporate Keynote Speakers

Why is Alex Blackwood one of the world’s most sought-after corporate keynote speakers?

Clients like CEOs of Tommy Hilfiger and Philips say it’s because he strikes the perfect chord between education, inspiration and entertainment during his keynotes.



Minds Read

Delegates Inspired

"Thanks Alex. It was a pleasure to have you with us. Everybody was surprised, impressed and very happy"

Daniel Grieder, CEO, Tommy Hilfiger

"We had a great offsite with Alex’s talk as a key part. I was really impressed with Alex’s preparation and attention to detail, it made all of us feel special and that we had a bespoke performance."

Emma Moloney, General Counsel, Endemol Shine

"Alex engages the audience and that what is great about him. We had a corporate dinner event with Mind Craft by Alex and it is still one of the best reviews we have received for any event. Definitely recommended."

Yash Asher, Vice President, Zycus Software

My mission is to inspire people to use what they have today to create a better tomorrow – Alex Blackwood

We guarantee that there is nobody else who combines Alex’s unique skill-set and who can deliver such an interactive, intriguing and inspiring talk for modern business audiences:

– Alex developed his own award-winning Mind Craft™ system to read people, influence their actions and predict their decisions in real time. It looks for all the world like mind reading… with maximum entertainment.

– Before Mind Craft™, Alex enjoyed an international business career that lead him to live and work in Europe, Asia and USA. He innately understands diverse international cultures and organizations.

– During his business career, he managed technology teams delivering projects across 42 countries and closed finance rounds for some of the world’s largest companies. He understands the bottom line for business.


The Power of Fresh Perspectives

An action-packed deep-dive into how belief systems are formed and how they can be changed. Fully interactive, peppered with exercises to remove common limiting beliefs. New perspectives will appear and problems will be re-framed as opportunities, creating an astonishing and lasting impact.

Thrive in a changing environment
Lead and empower successful teams
Identify opportunities in times of turmoil

The Path of Peak Persuasion

Delegates will walk away with practical and effective tools to increase their influence, persuasion and sales numbers. They will learn to take control, successfully negotiate and use verbal/body language to get the edge. An exhilarating, 100% interactive, high-impact session.

Take control and be persuasive
Negotiate to win
Leverage suggestion and hypnosis

You Want Your Event To Be Unforgettable.

So Do We.


Re-ignite the passion for sales and learn the techniques of peak persuasion that took Alex Blackwood around the world as sales star, founder and master mentalist.

Blackwood Sales Kickoff
Blackwood Change Initiative

Global Change Initiative

Change mindset and encourage new perspective. Everything starts with a thought. New thoughts lead to new decisions and new patterns of thinking are created. Let’s make it happen.

Revolutionise Communication

Supercharge your communication. Get more done with less. Create ambassadors and ignite passion. Communicate your vision.

Blackwood Communications

Have your (online) event talked about for years to come. Don’t miss out!

In recent months Alex Blackwood has delivered Mind Craft™ keynotes for Nike (Cape Town) and Ultimate Software sales kick-off (Milan), hosted events for BearingPoint management consultancy and performed at tech founder events across Europe and UK. He has won multiple awards, including Prix d’Argent Best European Mentalist (Stars of Mentalism, France) and Mentalism Award (Dutch National Championships).

Alex has upcoming events planned for UBS bank in Zurich, Gamehouse Originals in Alicante Spain and the Superpowers live event in Tuschinski, Amsterdam. We would be delighted to add your event to the list or schedule an online session to inspire and motivate your most important people.

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