Close-up Magic Mix & Mingle

Close-Up Magic – Mix & Mingle

Imagine… guests arrive, cocktails and canapes are served, music plays. People congregate in small groups, swapping chit chat. Then a scream comes from the table at the center of the room. Cries in multiple languages of “How did you do that?” followed by bursts of applause. Suddenly the people at the next table pick up their drinks and join the center table, forming a circle which grows further. Your guests share an experience they have never had before and may never have again. The close-up magic has begun, the mystery mix & mingle guest has arrived and it will be a night to remember!

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The Perfect Mystery Guest

Your guests think of a random string of numbers and they are printed on a face-down business card. Then those numbers visibly transform to become the name of a childhood friend of another guest. Gasps of astonishment. One of the guests removes a coin from their pocket and holds it in her own hand. They feel the coin get warm and then tingles of electricity through their arm, now a sensation of movement of steel inside the closed fist… she opens her hand to see her own coin bent and melted in her palm. Stunned silence, a scream, then laughter as Alex breaks the tension with a joke before casually moving to the next table.