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Who The Heck Is Alex Blackwood?

In 2019, Alex has already won multiple awards including Best Mentalist (Stars of Magic, France) and the Mentalism Award (Dutch National Championships 2019). He is recognised by his peers as one of the world’s leading mentalists.
Not only does he know everything there is to know about persuasion, influence, body language and how you can use it to your advantage… but his public speaking, theater and comedic skills mean that this amazing message is always delivered in the most entertaining way possible. Alex demonstrates these talents in a warm, funny and highly interactive show that has proved hugely popular with sophisticated modern adult audiences.

Alex loves all audiences, because all audiences love mentalism! But his favourite group is IT and engineering professionals. Partly because that is Alex’s own background… but also because the smarter the audience, the more they enjoy seeing the impossible (or highly improbable) take place before their eyes 🙂

This picture was taken at Leiden Observatory (the world’s second oldest), where Alex performed for the Physics Department and selected members of the public.

Alex is from Ireland. After his studies he began an international career. He raised venture funding for early-stage technology companies, founded a Telecoms startup and as Global Project Manager delivered IT transformation and organisational change projects in 30+ countries for Shell and Deutsche Telecom.

He became fascinated by persuasion and influence during his business development in his 20s… but it was not until his 30s that he discovered the art of mentalism. Mentalism is a set of specialised and very practical techniques that exploit quirks of the human mind… including linguistics, heuristics, non-verbal communication and suggestion. These allow for the creation of phenomena that appear superhuman… like magic! Alex does not have superpowers or psychic ability, but with unparalleled knowlege of his craft he frequently makes it look that way.

If you have a discerning audience that think they have seen it all: Think Again – bring the Irish mentalist to your event and give them an experience they will never forget.

Alex has since studied NLP, hypnosis and mind-reading from some of the world’s leading practitioners. To polish his performance and delivery, he has also studied public speaking, acting and comedy. As a result, he has performed at the highest levels of corporate entertainment and coaching, including work with CEOs of billion-dollar companies like Tommy Hilfiger and Philips. He delivers TED talks and guest lectured psychology at Vrije University.
He still speaks at technology conferences… recently The Next Web , Google Startup Grind and Web Summit.

He is also a PADI Divemaster and is as happy below the waves as on dry land!

Alex has lived in Asia, US and Europe. He now resides between Amsterdam and Ibiza, but frequently travels for performance and business throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.


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