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Alex Blackwood is an award-winning mentalist and an expert in communications and personality assessment. Combined with Mind Craft™, a practical set of techniques exploiting quirks of the human mind, he creates stunning and empowering experiences. Alex does not have superpowers or psychic ability, but with unparalleled knowledge of his craft he frequently makes it look that way.

Imagine intuitively knowing what others were thinking. Imagine knowing what might happen, even a few seconds in the future. Imagine using that knowledge to influence situations in a positive way.

Is It Possible To Change Mindset?

Alex draws upon his deep knowledge of the science of influence/persuasion, evolutionary psychology, negotiation, psychometrics and even hypnosis. See his resources here. With the magic of an expert storyteller, he weaves them into a compelling narrative. Fiction is transformed to fact and problems are re-framed as opportunities, creating an astonishing and lasting impact on audiences at scale.

Alex Blackwood’s Mind Craft™ keynote speeches and performances are fully interactive and each one is peppered with exercises involving the entire audience, from 5 people up to 5,000. Whether live or online, the audience will participate in amazing in-the-moment demonstrations. Important messages “stick” and hit home like never before. Limiting beliefs are questioned, new possibilities open up and things will never be the same again.

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Tried & Tested: Multi-award-winning entertainer, executive coach, Fortune 500 references, TEDx speaker – Alex has done it all during thousands of keynotes and shows. A dynamic character – he can have a full theater on the edge of their seats or as special guest at your exclusive event he will amaze small groups with the secrets of Mind Craft™. LEARN MORE HERE

Impact For Business: Alex consults with internal/external communications departments, marketing, HR and then designs custom Mind Craft™ experiences that will leave your audience educated, amazed and inspired while at the same time delivering your key message. We understand the challenge of effective communication. Whether your organisation is experiencing change, has a new strategy, has a new product or needs to reinforce your core values… Alex guarantees engagement, especially for the most serious messages. We understand the different challenges of storytelling to internal staff, external clients or investors. Alex Blackwood will ensure your message hits the target, every time. SEE CASE STUDIES HERE

Get The Edge: Sometimes the tiniest change delivers disproportionate results. You just need to know where to apply your precious resources. Alex impresses on-stage, but his unparalleled knowledge of psychology, suggestion, hypnosis and thought control make him just as valuable behind the scenes. He coaches teams, tweaks designs, perfects processes and optimises funnels to get results. Alex will brainstorm with your organisation and help you succeed. You already work hard. Now work smart with Mind Craft™.