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“Maximise every second of trade show time, engage with every passer-by, fill your booth with hundreds of potential customers during every presentation. How? With a visually stunning, mentally engaging magic entertainer that can stop, impress and draw passers by into your booth in seconds. I have the experience and know-how to deliver top-quartile ROI for your trade show space and leave your competitors in the shadows.

“Not yet certain what you need for your trade show but want to explore possibilities and ideas? I Love Brainstorming!!!
Send me a Quick Message now, I’ll suggest some possibilities.”

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“Hi, I’m Alex Blackwood: a professional trade show magician born in Ireland, living with my family in the Netherlands and performing internationally.

“Before becoming a professional magician (in my 30’s !!!) I enjoyed a successful business career – venture capital, technology start-ups and telecoms/IT management for companies including Royal Dutch Shell and Deutsche Telecom. I made thousands of presentations in my professional career to investors, managers and executives. Since becoming a magician I have made hundreds of trade show presentations. Incorporating your brand, product and message is second nature.”

Goochelaar Corporate Magician Keynote

Free Of Charge Advice On How To:

– Maximize the number of “feet per square foot”: more people means more exposure and more sales.
– Exponentially increase the ROI from your booth. Have the aisles packed with engaged spectators witnessing stunning magic incorporating your message.
– Provide your clients, leads and prospects an unforgettable memory of world class magic and your brand.

I will answer all your questions, no matter how small they seem

Fully insured, professional, clean, fun, with Fortune 500 references – Alex Blackwood gives you peace of mind when booking a corporate magician.

Alex will act as your partner. From initial discussion to understand your event goals… to packaging those into detailed requirements for your approval… to delivering what was agreed. Your message will be uniquely communicated and elevated with stunning magical entertainment and an inspirational experience.