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Restaurant Magician

“Hi, I’m Alex Blackwood: a professional restaurant magician born in Ireland, living here in the Netherlands and performing internationally.

“With so many restaurants to choose from, a table reservation is a big commitment – the right restaurant can make a night out… but the wrong one can ruin it. Food, service and ambience all have to be phenomenal, however your guests’ experience does not stop there. In a competitive market, being different, offering more than than the next restaurant and being talked about are essential.

My job is to take your guests’ experience to the next level. While they enjoy the fantastic food and service you offer, I will provide them a unique magical experience at their tables that will have them tweeting, posting and sharing photographs of your restaurant.

Never considered a restaurant magician for your business and not quite sure whether or not it is right for you? Not a problem!
Send me a Quick Message now, I’ll answer any questions you have and tell you what works and what does not work when it comes booking a restaurant magician.”

Goochelaar Restaurant Magician

3 Ways A Restaurant Magician Provides Return On Investment:
1. Once guests are seated, orders taken and drinks served they will typically have a 10-15 minute wait for the first course. A restaurant magician performs during this “dead time” and provides your guests an unforgettable experience with no interference to your waiting staff
2. A long wait for a table or a delayed dish can lead to complaints, bad reviews or even walk-outs. With a professional magician performing at their table, your guests will take less notice of such minor issues and will be much more forgiving
3. Want to get more 5-star reviews, more social media engagement and separate yourself from the competition? A professional magician can help you achieve this. More stars, tweets and posts per table guaranteed!

A restaurant magician is no longer reserved for the world’s top restaurants. Make sure you choose an experienced, mature and professional restaurant magician. After all, it’s your business and you deserve the best.

I will happily make some suggestions to you and answer any questions you have about magic, events management or anything else you would like to know. All questions are free of charge and no question is too small.