Meet The Magician!

Artist in Focus: Alex Blackwood

Close-up Illusionist & Mentalist

Close-up magic: Alex uses everyday objects to manipulate and alter reality. He causes items borrowed from the audience such as rings, credit cards, coins and money to disappear, transport, transform into other objects and even defy gravity by floating around the room before your eyes. “Seeing is believing”, but you will still question your senses!

Mentalism: Alex also performs inexplicable acts of mind reading… mixing psychology, perception and downright trickery to reveal thoughts that he could not possibly know – like names and details of your childhood friends, a thought of card, past and future events or the birthday of a complete stranger.

Alex has entertained audiences internationally in recent years. His appearance at the Magic Arts Center for fellow magicians was enthusiastically received and he regularly performs at corporate events, trade shows, weddings, and private parties. A friendly blend of professional international experience, street smarts, warmth and humour mean that he entertains as well in the c-suite as the restaurant, an exclusive wedding or your intimate home event.

Alex specialises in working together with clients to understand the themes and goals unique to their event. He will then tailor the style and performance content to ensure the magic entertainment is consistent with your vision.

Whether that is supporting an air of class and sophistication at a wedding, promoting a specific product at a trade show, reinforcing brand values at a product launch, fostering team building, encouraging out-of-the-box thinking or simply putting a smile on your guests’ faces between appetiser and entree.

Not only will Alex respect, entertain and amaze each one of your guests, he will create a warm atmosphere that brings people together and provide moments of wonder that will be remembered for a lifetime.