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Alex Blackwood – The Business Entertainer

Unlike most mystery performers that spent their entire lives learning only magic, Alex developed (and still enjoys) a successful international business career before turning his attention to full-time speaking and performance.

Human psychology and technological innovation are what get him most excited. Recently he has shared that excitement in his speaking engagements, speaking at Philips Lighting HR summit alongside the CEO, VU University in Amsterdam (psychology department), The Next Web technology conference, Google Entrepreneur’s Startup Grind, the “Wow Opening” to Tommy Hilfiger strategy event and many more.

This fascination with how we think as human beings began when Alex started his sales career and is the reason he became obsessed by mentalism. Mentalism is a set of niche skills that exploits the quirks of the human mind (including linguistics, heuristics, non-verbal communication) to create phenomena that appear superhuman… like magic. In fact Alex uses only his 5 senses, but creates the suggestion of a sixth.

He discusses this in more detail in his TED Talk.

Alex launched his career in financial sales during the technology boom of the new millennium. He helped companies connect with funding and met and exceeded multi-million dollar sales targets. During this time he began to study human decision making psychology and the triggers to yes in the sales cycle.

He continued to work with technology companies, co-founding and exiting a telecoms startup (Globecall Telecoms) in the early 2000’s. He then put his tech savvie to work for large corporates, spending 10 years at Royal Dutch Shell and later Deutsche Telecom helping to plan and deliver their largest IT project programmes.

Alex has lived in Asia, US and Europe. He has managed international teams and lead projects in 32 different countries as diverse as Indonesia, Canada, Mexico, Malaysia, US, China, Australia and across Europe.

Alex has trained and lead sales teams and project teams around the world. He puts his unerring and uncanny knowledge of human nature, actions and reactions to work for his clients.

He is frequently hired to delivery fresh and interesting training sessions, to share his sales tips and techniques and to present product launches.

Most recently, he has been hired at critical points in high-value sales pitches. He uses his sales experience and mentalist tool kit to help win the deal.


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